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When to Upgrade Your Home or Office Furnace?

When changing the heating of our house, we must do it in such a way that it fits our needs. To do so, we must achieve the perfect balance between savings, consumption and energy efficiency. Many homes have an old or obsolete heating system, in terms of efficiency/necessity. Therefore, in the following article we want to help you make the best decision in furnace upgrade for heating:

When it’s important to upgrade a home or office furnace for heating

There are several reasons why it is necessary to upgrade the home or office heating furnace. That is why you should always enlist the help of experts to help you not only to do the job but also to know how to discern which upgrade is the most convenient for you.

That’s precisely what Excel Heating & Air Conditioning does. This company has been advising its customers for almost thirty years on everything related to the installation and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems. They are known for doing quality work at the best price.

In the following lines we will share with you some of the reasons to upgrade your heating furnace:

1.   The heating system is more than 10 years old.

One of the main reasons when thinking about upgrading the heating system in the home is to have an old heating system. This makes that the costs derived from it can be very significant and thus a lot of money is lost monthly. An old system is also very likely, despite the good maintenance, that has been given, that does not work perfectly and for this reason, there is no good heating or heating of domestic water correctly in the home.

2.    You can opt for more efficient and economical heating systems.

Home heating accounts for 70% of heating bills, whether we have electricity or gas. Due to this problem, heating equipment manufacturers have concentrated on introducing innovations and improvements in heating equipment. Today you can find in the market equipment that has low consumption and can generate up to 4 times more energy, such as heat pumps.

A renovation of the heating system in the home by a modern system can be one of the most efficient options. Moreover, in most cases, it is possible to use the existing installations in the house so that the installation costs are drastically reduced.

3.   Home remodeling has been carried out

If home remodeling is carried out, such as divisions in the house, improvements in the airtightness of the windows, or installation of new flooring, for example, it is advisable to evaluate the possibility of making changes in the heating system. This is because the old system that was installed in the home is probably no longer the most suitable.

In such a case, you can achieve the same results as in the past but save a lot of money on electricity or gas bills, with equipment of less power and consumption. In addition, in case you enlarge the house, it is also relevant to study the possibility of improving the heating to cover the needs of all the spaces in the home.

In either case, don’t forget to seek professional help from Excel Heating & Air Conditioning.