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Indoor Air Quality (HEPA, Filters, Humidifers & HRV/ERV)


Indoor Air Quality (HEPA, Filters, Humidifers & HRV/ERV)

HEPA filters

This is a highly efficient filter that prevents the spread of radioactive contaminants in the air. HEPA filters are composed of mesh fibers arranged randomly and these fibers allow it to function properly.

HEPA filters
are designed to retain contaminants and smaller particles. They use three mechanisms to trap particles.

1. Interception
2. Impact
3. Diffusion

These are classified according to their filtration efficiency and retention percentage. By preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses, and having an efficiency of up to 99.99%, they can be used in medical devices, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.


Humidifiers increase moisture and improve the humidity level in the environment. It is important to have the right humidity levels for personal wellbeing and to avoid damage to your furniture or building material. Humidifiers are also very useful to aromatize the environment by adding natural essences that are combined with water.
Humidifiers help ease symptoms of illness such as cold and flu and reduce your risk of getting sick. Adding a humidifier to your home or office will no doubt provide you with many benefits. Excel will help you select a humidifier that suits your needs.