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Gas & Electric Furnaces


Gas & Electric Furnaces

Without the help of a professional, it can be challenging to know when it’s time to replace your heating system. Excel Heating and Air Conditioning has a highly qualified group of technicians that can help you through this process. Your furnace is a critical component to either your home or business and we want to be there to support you.

Why Choose Excel Heating & Air Conditioning

Quality – Your furnace is a major component to your home or business and you want it to be installed right. Excel works with some of the top furnace manufactures to ensure that quality is achieved. We will look at every customer’s home or office as if it’s our own and take the necessary steps to ensure the job is done right.
Safety – The safety of our staff is just as important as the safety of our customers. We understand the complexity of our work and the severity of what could happen if corners are cut. This is why only trained professionals with the proper PPE and tooling will carry out our projects and maintenance plans.
Professionalism – Professionalism starts at our first point of contact and doesn’t stop. You will be met with a team that is polite, well outfitted for the job and knowledgeable for the task at hand. We are looking for lifelong relationships with our customers which is why professionalism at every level is so important to us.