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Excel Heating and Air Conditioning Systems has been providing quality products and services to the community since 1992. We strive to keep current with ever advancing products and respond to the differing and constantly changing needs in the HVAC industry. Our employees are among the best trained in the business. Not only are they licensed trades people but they also regularly attend manufacturers courses to keep abreast with new technology. Currently we have on staff Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics, Sheet Metal Workers, and Gas Technicians. We also employ apprentices in all these skilled fields.

In 1992, Excel Heating and Air Conditioning Systems was started with the intent of providing a service in the HVAC industry in the local community. As a fledgling company, Excel learned early on that meeting the customers’ expectations, through quality workmanship, superior merchandise, fair prices and prompt delivery were the keys to success. Over the years, Excel has built a strong bond with our customers and contractors through mutual respect and by exceeding their expectations with innovative design and quality equipment.

Excel Heating and Air Conditioning Systems has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Wally Boonstra, president and owner of Excel, is heavily involved in many charities and organizations in his hometown of Waterdown. Wally Boonstra, B.A., taught the sheet metal trade for years, he was awarded the highest marks in the “Sheet Metal Worker” apprenticeship program (1982).

In 2002, Excel Heating and Air Conditioning Systems reached a significant milestone in its history by purchasing a facility and expanding the service operation drastically. Excel has a fully equipped Sheet Metal Shop so that we are able to make duct fittings on the spot in an emergency and not leave our customers without heating or cooling. With the addition of the support staff and added technicians Excel is able to offer its customers complete service for all of their heating, cooling and associated needs.

Excel Heating and Air Conditioning Systems prides itself on completing the job on time and by exceeding the customer’s expectations. Excel is built on true referrals from valued customers and not on questionable marketing strategies or gimmicks.

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